According to AAA, more than 38 million Americans will be hitting the road this upcoming Memorial Day weekend. And many more will be hitting the road sometime during the summer. That’s a lot of vehicles on our roads. So if you are planning on driving somewhere over the holiday weekend, you will not be alone.

The last thing you want to have happen on your road trip, whether you are going camping or to a relative’s house, is to have car trouble. Holiday and summer road trips are as American as fireworks on Independence Day and baseball. But your road trip could be a nightmare if something happens to your vehicle.

Those who neglect to have a quick mechanical check before taking to the highways are just begging for trouble. Suffolk Glass, your auto glass service in Long Island, offers this car maintenance checklist for road trips.

Engine Oil

Make sure that you check your oil level. If you are due for an oil change or close to it, then, by all means, take your vehicle in and have this dome before hitting the road.


The rubber hoses in your vehicle would last about 10 years in ideal conditions. That is, if all they did was sit on a shelf. The hoses in your car that go through fluctuating temperatures, some as high as 200 degrees and as low as -10, won’t last as long. So it is critical that you check your hoses for cracks, soft spots, blisters and other condition issues before you go on your trip.


You can check the belts on your vehicle by turning them sideways so you can see the friction surface. If you have any belts that are torn, ragged, cracked or otherwise damaged, it’s time for fresh ones.

Newer vehicles have one large belt called a serpentine, which runs your power steering, water pump, alternator and other critical components. Make sure your serpentine belt is in good shape.


Pop your radiator cap and make sure you have the right amount of coolant. If not, top it off.


Tires are the only contact with road your vehicle has, you will want to ensure they are at the proper pressure and have plenty of tread. Be sure you don’t put too much air in your tires as this combined with extreme heat can cause a blowout.


The best thing to do is to pull your battery and have it tested at an auto parts store. Since you have the battery pulled, take the time to clean the corrosion from the terminals and battery cables.


It is also a good idea to have your brakes checked by professional. If this has been done recently, you should still at least check your brake fluid level and top off if needed.

Air Filter

Your vehicle will perform much more efficiently with a clean air filter. This is something that is overlooked by a lot of people.

Lastly, have your windshield checked for damage by Suffolk Glass. Contact us today.