It is all too easy to never give your windshield a second thought. But know that it is important that your windshield is sturdy, trustworthy and free from cracks and other defects. Too many car and truck owners tend to ignore red flags when it comes to their windshield.

And we are willing to bet many of you see a crack forming on your windshield and hope that if you ignore it, it will go away. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to solve the problem.

If you aren’t sure if your windshield is due to be replaced, there are signs you need to be looking out for. Suffolk Glass, your auto glass service in Long Island, offers signs that your windshield needs to be replaced.

You Can’t See

If your view of the road is compromised thanks to a crack that runs along your line of vision, it could be a sign that you need a new windshield.

It doesn’t really matter how small the crack or chip, if it is in your line of vision, you need to get it fixed right away. As a driver, you make split-second decisions and if your view is compromised by a crack or chip, it could become a dangerous situation.

If you feel frustrated because you have to take the time to get your windshield fixed, just imagine how you would feel should you get into an accident because of your damaged windshield.

White Haze

Most windshields are treated with a thin layer of plastic that keeps your windshield from shattering in the event of an accident. If you see a white haze along the edges of your windshield, it means that this plastic coating is starting to come off.

Don’t compromise your safety, have your damaged windshield replaced.

Missing Pieces

Sometimes, a wayward rock smacks your windshield and actually takes a chunk out of it. If this happens to a part of your windshield that is out of your line of vision, you might just ignore it.

That is a big mistake. A missing piece from your windshield weakens the structural support and can lead to a sagging windshield or worse. If your windshield is missing a piece, you need to have the entire windshield replaced sooner than later.


Flying debris like tiny rocks, gravel and road salt can cause pitting on your windshield. These small pits scatter reflected light and reduce your visibility. This will be quite evident when you are driving east in the morning and the sunshine hits your windshield.

Funny Noises

Not all auto glass services are alike. If you have recently had your windshield replaced and you can hear leaks, give us a call right away. There is a chance your windshield was not properly installed and this is a problem that needs to be resolved right away.

You deserve a windshield that is clear, sturdy and properly installed. It will really make a difference when you drive. Call Suffolk Glass today and schedule an appointment.