Car enthusiasts are very particular about their cars. For example, when their cars are dirty, they wash them right away. Even if their cars aren’t dirty, you might see them at the car wash. They also contact Suffolk Auto Glass, their Long Island auto glass shop, the very moment a runaway pebble hits their windshield to see if any damage was done.

Car enthusiasts are also very particular about what goes in their cars and on their cars. If you have a car enthusiast in your family and you want to buy them a gift for Christmas, you won’t score big picking out something in the auto section at Walmart. No indeed, you need to put a little more thought and effort into the gift you choose.

If you are in need of gift ideas for the car enthusiast in your family, we can help.

Car Care Products

Auto care products are just what any car enthusiast would love. Take the time to pick out several products, like a great car wax, auto wash, wash mitt and tire cleaner and put them in a five-gallon bucket and wrap it up. Now the recipient had everything they need to keep their car sparkling clean and conveniently packed in one container that can also be used to hold the soapy water.

Leather Driving Gloves

Any car enthusiast will think a pair of leather driving gloves is a great gift. During the cooler months of the year, driving gloves keep hands warm against the cold steering wheel without sacrificing grip. Driving gloves also keep the steering wheel free of skin oils that build up after awhile.

But best of all, leather driving gloves really add the final touch to whatever outfit your car enthusiast wears.

Dash Camera

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. And when they do, sometimes it comes with a big battle with the insurance company. Capturing what happened when the accident occurred can help resolve the matter of who was at fault. This is a must-have for any car enthusiast.

Key Finder

It’s bad enough when you can’t find the keys to your car. but it is a major catastrophe when a car enthusiast loses their car keys. A pleasant drive in the country just isn’t possible if you can’t find your car keys. Which is why a car key finder makes an excellent gift for the car enthusiast in your family.

Personalized Keychain

Most car enthusiasts have had many customizations to their cars, so they are more unique and because they add character. Then there is no reason why a car enthusiast should have to drive around with a store-bought keychain. A custom leather key chain with their name stamped on the side is a great choice for a gift.

Speedometer Cufflinks

Yes, these do really exist and they are as awesome as you might think. A grand slam gift for any car enthusiast.

If you aren’t planning on buying a car-related gift for the car enthusiast in your family, the least you can do is go with him to Suffolk Auto Glass to have his windshield repaired.