1. Windshield Replacement in Long Island and Spring Maintenance

    From road salt to ice and snow to potholes in the road, winter weather put your car through the wringer. Winter can be brutal on your vehicle. Drivers face sub-zero temperatures, snowstorms and poor road conditions, all of which are not conducive for healthy cars and trucks. Mechanics agree that spr…Read More

  2. Windshield Replacement in Long Island and Bad Driving Habits

    Many of us have driving habits that we do all of the time without realizing that they may be quite dangerous. It is critical that when you are on the road you need to be paying attention to your driving and your surroundings. There is no shortage of distractions in our modern world. Distracted drivi…Read More

  3. Windshield Replacement in Long Island and Tips for an Epic Super Bowl Party

    You had a busy week, busier than usual because you paid a visit to Suffolk Glass in Long Island for windshield replacement. Your windshield became damaged when debris got kicked up on it and caused a large crack. You were smart in getting it replaced right away because a cracked windshield is not a …Read More

  4. You Might Need Windshield Replacement in Long Island

    All too many of us have had the very unpleasant experience of driving along, minding our own business, when all of the sudden and errant piece of debris, perhaps a rock or something else, smacks right into the windshield. You breathe a sigh of relief because all it did was put a little dent in your …Read More