Spring is in the air. Well, at least in some parts of the country. Now is the time of year when you start thinking about scrubbing floors, whisking away cobwebs and deep-cleaning the carpet. You know, getting your home in tip-top shape after a long winter. The thing is that your vehicle also went through a punishing time over the winter and it is a hot mess as well. Just take a good look at your car, it is filthy inside and out and something needs to be done about it.

With the exterior of your vehicle covered in gravel and dirt and the interior filled with Burger King wrappers and stale fries, it’s hard to know just where to start. Suffolk Auto Glass, your windshield repair service in Long Island, offers car cleaning tips.

Clean the Trunk

Without a doubt, a lot of useless stuff has piled up in your trunk over the winter. For example, you threw a few bags of cat litter in the trunk in the fall to help with traction in the snow. There is also empty bottles of windshield washer fluid and other rubbish you no longer need in your trunk. Don’t forget to shake out the trunk carpet liner.

Wash the Winter Off

The salt, sand and other debris that covers your car in the winter months can cause damage. You can eliminate, or at least minimize, this damage by deep cleaning the exterior of your car. This means you need to do more than just blast it with hot water. You need to grab a giant sponge and go to town on the body, scrubbing every nook and cranny to ensure cleanliness.

Toss the Trash

We are assuming that you went into full hibernation mode as soon as the weather changes and the snow started to fly. You take a look around the interior of your car and it is filled with burger wrappers, empty cups from Starbucks and crumpled napkins. In your efforts to clean up this mess, don’t forget to grab the trash that worked its way under your seats and in seat pockets.

Clean the Upholstery

Now that you have uncovered the floor and seats, you will notice just how dirty they are. This is a good tie to break out the vacuum and suck out every nook and cranny. Then wipe down all of the seats with a microfiber cloth.

Replace the Wiper Blades

With April showers just around the corner, you want to ensure your wiper blades are in great shape. And after a grueling winter, they are in pretty poor condition. A new set of windshield wiper blades will have you seeing your way clearly.

Don’t Forget Under the Hood

You will be surprised by all of the leaves, dirt and other debris that collects under the hood. Clean out any debris you find and wipe down any messes you see on the engine. Just make sure it has had plenty of time to cool off first.

And in your quest for a clean car, you should happen to notice a crack or star on your windshield, call Suffolk Auto Glass right away for repairs.