Have you ever hopped in your car and notice a crack in the windshield that wasn’t there the last time you went for a drive? You get out of the car, run your finger across the crack and wonder just how it happened. You would think that if a rock hit your windshield, you certainly would have heard that.

If your windshield gets hit by a rock while you are driving, that is something you will notice. But not all windshield damage happens while you are speeding down the freeway. Your car can suffer a cracked windshield while it is parked in the grocery store parking lot or the parking lot at Applebee’s. In fact, you can get a cracked windshield while your car is parked in your driveway. Go figure!

Suffolk Glass, your windshield repair in Long Island, offers various ways in which your windshield can sustain a crack.

High Winds

High winds can slam dirt and debris into your windshield and cause damage. Prolonged exposure to winds will also cause damage as the particles blowing around will eventually penetrate the glass surface and cause chips.

But there is good news. Windshield chip repair is fast and easy, all you need to do is give us a call.


If you have ever tried sitting out on your back patio getting a suntan, you know just how hot and harsh that sun can be. You can get some serious sunburn just sitting under the sun for a very short amount of time. It really doesn’t take much to turn your skin a bright red.

Now take a moment to think about how many hours your windshield sits baking in the sun. After all, you don’t always have the luxury of parking in a garage. The sun’s heat on your windshield and the metal surrounding the windshield can lead to cracks and chips.

To reduce the chances of cracks, park your car out of the sun as much as possible.

Temperature Fluctuation

Fall and spring are great seasons, except one day it can be 80 degrees outside and snowy and cold the next day. With temperature fluctuation, you can experience a cracked windshield. The same thing can happen if you leave your car out in the sun when it is exceptional hot out.

Poor Installation

It is indeed a rare occurrence to see a poorly installed windshield from the manufacturer. However, it is not so rare to see a defective windshield replacement. In many cases, this is due to either installing the wrong windshield or not placing it in the framework properly.


It may come as no surprise that hail can cause damage to your windshield. Of course, rocks, baseballs and other hard objects can cause windshield damage as well. It makes perfect sense to park your car in a sheltered area whenever possible to avoid hail damage. It also makes sense to park far away from the ball field when attending your son’s little league games.

But if your windshield does get hit by a foul ball, call Suffolk Glass for repair.