If you haven’t noticed, and we are quite sure you have, spring is on the way. We see the evidence everywhere; the days are getting longer and the temperatures are starting to warm up just a bit. Before you know it, flowers will be budding, bees will be buzzing and you will have to spend at least one weekend cleaning your house.

Spring cleaning is a tradition that dates back, well, we aren’t sure how far it dates back, but we are sure it has been around for quite some time. The general idea is to clean your house really good and start fresh and new, kind of like spring. Look, even if you don’t know the reasoning behind spring cleaning, you can bet your house is in need of some serious suds and elbow grease.

We suggest you set some time aside to do some spring cleaning on your car as it needs it as well. Stop for a moment and think about the mud, snow and other dirt and grime that you tracked into your car over the winter. And let’s not forget the food you have dropped on the floor, like every time you ate fries from McDonald’s.

Suffolk Glass, your windshield repair service in Long Island, offer you these car cleaning tips.

Tackle the Interior Compartments

Take a look inside your glove box, a good look, and you will see a mass of paperwork and other junk. In fact, there is so much stuff in there, you have to smoosh it down to properly close the door.

So while you have it open, go through and toss all of the stuff you no longer need. For example, that old pair of sunglasses with the missing earpiece and broken lens can go. Let it go, man, you are never going to fix them. You can also toss any insurance cars and registration papers that are over a year old, they are utterly useless at this point.

And wash out the remnants of that half a granola bar you stuffed in their last summer.

Clean Out the Trunk

Just as packed as tour glove box is your trunk, and most of the stuff you have in there can go. We would be willing to place a bet that you have at least one garbage bag full of clothes in your trunk. They are either old clothes you gathered up to take to Goodwill or they are clothes that you no longer wear because you have gained weight.

We are willing to bet that you also have at least one pair of shoes in your trunk. They could be those old tennis shoes you tossed in their last spring after a particularity muddy hike or they could be some random pair of shoes you tossed in the trunk as a backup in case you get stuck in a snowstorm. Either way, they can go.

Look Under the Hood

Go to the car wash and blast the engine with high-powered hot water and de-greaser. A shiny engine is a must if you are spring cleaning your car.

And if you happen to notice any damage to your windshield, call Suffolk Glass.