Research shows that the average one-way commute in America is over 30 minutes, and that is just the average as many people suffer longer drives to work. This adds up to one hour a day being stuck in the car driving to and from work each day. Do a little math and that works out to be five hours a week behind the wheels of your vehicle. That’s a long stretch of time with nothing to do but drive and wait in traffic.

Of course, some people take this opportunity to text their “besties” or post to Instagram, but these are activities that are not only dangerous and potentially deadly, but are illegal in many parts of the country. If you are going to do something in your car while commuting, it should be both safe and productive. Suffolk Glass, your Long Island windshield repair service, offer up a few ways to safely pass the time while you drive to and from work.

Practice Mindfulness

As with any activity you do, being mindful while you drive means your focus needs to be on the task at hand. While driving, always take notice of what is happening all around you, not just what is going on with the car in front of you. Be aware of the physical sensations around you, like the feel of the steering wheel and the movement of the car. Lastly, be aware of the sounds you hear, whether it’s the wind or the noise of the road.

Being focused on driving can help with the acceptance of the things we cannot control, like traffic jams and the rudeness of other drivers.

Deep Breathing

One way that you can help yourself relax is by doing deep breathing exercises. Take a deep breath through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Continue this for a few minutes and you will feel less angry about the guy who just cut you off.

Set Goals

Use your morning commute to work to set goals for the day. Think about the things you want to accomplish and how to go about doing so. You can even plan your meals while sitting in your car. What are you having for dinner?

Practice That Presentation

While it is common to practice a speech in front of a mirror, there is nothing stopping you from practicing it while in the car. Repetition helps when preparing for a speech or presentation and you have plenty of time while stuck in traffic to memorize your lines.

Learn a New Language

If you are interested in learning how to speak French or Spanish, a good place to do so is in your car. There are many mobile options including Rosetta Stone, DuoLingo and Living Language that can help. This way, when someone cuts you off, you can curse at them in a language they don’t understand.

So instead of dreading your work commute, try these ideas and you may actually look forward to your car time. If you are in need of windshield repair, contact Suffolk Glass right away.