It is so cliche that so many people have the same new year resolutions year after year after year. If they are not promising the world that they are losing weight and quitting booze, they are promising themselves to eat healthily and save more money. Which is fine to some extent. The one downside to these resolutions is that they are pretty selfish. Sure, weight loss is great for the person who drops 20 pounds, but how does that help anybody else?

We think it would be pretty cool if some of you were to make resolutions that would benefit others. For example, you could resolve to be friendlier to others or to tip more when you dine out. Now those are resolutions that will have others smiling.

You could also resolve to be a better driver on the road. This is a resolution that will benefit you just as much as others. Suffolk Glass, your windshield repair service in Long Island, offers you these suggestions on how to be a safer driver in the coming years.

Wake Up Earlier

You might be wondering how waking up earlier will make you a safer driver. Well, here is a typical morning scenario for many of you. You get up 45 minutes before you have to be at work, skip breakfast, brush without toothpaste, rush through the shower and drive like an idiot to get to work on time.

But if you were to wake up, say, twenty minutes earlier, the scenario would be totally different. You would feel calmer because there is no need to rush, your teeth would be cleaner because you would actually use toothpaste, you would feel full after a healthy breakfast and you would drive the speed limit because you aren’t running late.

Forget About Your Phone

Forget texting and driving, you shouldn’t even be glancing at your phone while you are behind the wheel of an automobile. Driving while distracted makes you a danger to others. If you need to make a call, text someone or check an email or Facebook feed, pull over and do it.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Performing regular tire checks and getting regular tune-ups helps ensure that your vehicle stays in optimal condition. It also reduces the chances that something may happen to your car while you are driving it. For example, if you blow a tire that has been neglected, you suddenly endanger yourself and the people around you.

Cut The Road Rage

Face it, there will be people out there who will infuriate you with the manner in which they drive. You just can’t get away from it. But don’t let the way others drive affect your driving. Keep a cool head and just know you are a better person than they are.

Slow Down

If you are not driving the speed limit, ask yourself why. Speed limits are designed to keep us all safe. Whether you aren’t paying attention or just in a rush, there is just no excuse for not obeying the law.

And if there is a crack in your windshield, get it repaired by Suffolk Glass so you can see better. Call now.