We get it. Breaking up with your ride is a hard thing to do. After all, you have probably been with your car longer than any of your girlfriends. Your car has been a faithful companion for many years and has always been there when needed.

Oh, the stories you tell people about you and your car. Like the time you almost got stuck in that snowstorm, but your car got you home safely. But lately, there have been signs that perhaps it’s time to give up your car and buy a new one. The thought of this causes pain to be sure, but it is a valid concern. Suffolk Glass, your windshield repair service in Long Island, offers signs that you need a new car.

You Leave the Doors Unlocked

Most people have concerns that their car could be stolen, so they do what they can to prevent this. You don’t have this concern, because nobody in their right mind would try to steal your car. You are so certain that your car is always safe that you never lock the doors.

Your Kids Never Borrow the Car

Your son got his driver’s license two years ago and has never asked to borrow your car.

Your Mechanic Drives a Mercedes

Your auto mechanic recently traded in his Hyundai Elantra for an expensive Mercedes. In all likelihood because of the extra money he made fixing your car all of the time. If you are spending way too much money in auto repairs, it’s probably time to just get a new car.

The Check Engine Light Burned Out

Your check engine light has been on for so long that it finally burned out. So you should either get a new car or change the bulb.

You Buy Duct Tape in Bulk

Duct tape is part of your maintenance. You have more duct tape on your car than chrome. If you schedule days to change the duct tape holding your bumper in place, then you need to seriously consider getting a new car.

You Want to Play CDs

You would like to play CDs in your car, but your stock stereo only has a tape deck. Yup, your car is that old. Also, you have no way to plug in any of your electronics because your car was built in the 1990s, long before cell phones and iPads.

You Perform a Ritual Before Starting Your Car

Before you crank the engine, you cross your fingers, close your eyes and make promises you will never keep to the car gods in hopes that it will start on the first try.

You Got Booted from the Carpool

Yup, that happened. And to make things worse, it was the carpool for your kid’s school.

Terms Have Changed

Your car has gone from being considered vintage to just being a clunker.

You Have Been Unfaithful

That’s right, you have been caught a few times staring at new cars, wondering what it would be like to drive one. A sure sign your relationship with your car is doomed.

After you cave and buy another car, call Suffolk Glass to have the windshield inspected.