Some days are better than others. One day everything seems to be going fine, you hit the lights green on the way to work and you even find a $10 bill while walking to your car at lunch. Pretty good we should think.

But don’t think it will last. You will also have truly terrible days that you have to deal with. These are days when awful things happen to you. You might have a pet die or lose your job. It takes time to recover from days like this.

But there are also average days that seem to be doing pretty well and then something bad happens. Most of the time, it’s something really minor, like a hangnail and you don’t have clippers handy. You would think something like this is nothing but a minor inconvenience. But the truth of the matter is that these little things can quite literally ruin your entire day.

Kind of like when the car in front of you kicks up a rock and it cracks your windshield. Your day is ruined until you call Suffolk Glass in Long Island for windshield repair. Here are a few more things that will ruin your whole day.

Forgetting Deodorant

There are several things you do in the bathroom every morning to get ready for your workday. Some of these tasks include washing your face, brushing your teeth and putting on deodorant. What’s that? You forgot to put deodorant on and only realized it after getting to work, bummer for you. You will start profusely sweating the second a coworker ventures within three feet of you.

It’s a vicious cycle, you sweat more because you are nervous about not having deodorant on and so it makes things twice as bad.

Bad Outfit

You step into the office only to realize there is something wrong with your attire. It could be that in your morning daze you put on mismatched socks, or it could be you forgot to wear a belt. It might even be that you wore a shirt that is too small for you. The only reason it was hanging in your closet was to serve as an incentive to lose weight.

Now you look the complete fool and your day is ruined.

One Word Responses

You just spent nearly an hour composing a text that is the perfect combination of detached, coy, intriguing, flirtatious, sexy and witty. It could win a Pulitzer prize. There is just no way to explain the feelings that come over you just as you are hitting the send button.

All of that for a one-word response. Whether the response was OK or LOL, you are crushed and your day is ruined.

Getting the Wrong Food

You spent all morning looking forward to lunch. The plan was to speed over to Taco Bell for a few Doritos Locos tacos for lunch. You go through the drive-thru, drive back to the office and open the bag to find they gave you the wrong order. Instead of three Doritos Locos tacos, you have three fresco tacos. Day ruined.

At least when your windshield gets cracked, all you have to do is call Suffolk Glass and the problem is easily solved.