Chances are that sometime in your life, you will make at least one new year resolution. You may have already done that or do it every year. You may do very well in keeping your resolutions or you wind up failing them. You may have already failed at the resolutions you promised yourself this year.

It’s not that big of a deal. It’s not like you have utterly failed at life, you just can’t seem to eat right, save money and lose weight. Which is exactly what your resolutions were. If you want to really work and succeed in keeping your new year resolutions, perhaps you need a few tips that can help. Suffolk Glass, your windshield replacement service in Long Island, offers these great tips that will help you keep your resolutions.

Get Real

The surest way to fail at keeping your resolutions is by making goals that are simply unattainable. For example, you can resolve to totally eliminate Mountain Dew from your life come January 1, but that is hardly realistic. The best way to give up something is by weaning yourself from it slowly.

Take losing weight for instance, while wanting to trim down is admirable, thinking you’re going to drop 30 pounds in two months is quite the stretch. If you shoot for that tough goal, you will only be left feeling defeated. Even if you lose 20 pounds in two months, which is excellent, you are still left falling short of your goal.

It is best if you resolve to lose, say, two to five pounds a month for the next several months. This way, if you lose two pounds a month, you are so on track to keeping your resolution.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes people tend to find themselves resolving to change their entire lifestyle. They wish to stop drinking, eat healthily, lose weight, save money, spend more time with the spouse, work harder and the list goes on and on. Self-improvement is on your mind this time of year, but experience shows us all of these things cannot be done all at once. The best approach is to give your time and effort to just a couple of important goals for the year.

Treat Yourself

You will be working hard to reach your goals. As such, it is perfectly fine to reward yourself when you reach certain goals or milestones. Now, it is all too easy for a dieter to reward themselves with a few candy bars, which would put your resolution in danger. So go ahead and reward yourself, just make them small rewards.

Get Help

There is no shame in asking friends or family to help you reach your goals. In fact, it’s a good idea. They can be there for support and they can be there for encouragement.

Plan Ahead

Don’t expect to succeed at any resolution you make at 11:45 New Year’s Eve. Your resolutions should be well thought out, something that has been on your mind for a long time.

If you are resolving to eat healthier, then by January 1, you should have your kitchen cleared of cakes, candy bars and other junk food and replaced with fruits and vegetables. Start off prepared.

If you resolved to fix that cracked windshield, we can help you reach that goal. Call Suffolk Glass today.