When somebody asks you how your week has been, most people answer, “it’s been busy.” This is because, no surprise here, we lead busy lives and we always have something that needs to be done. When you are not at the grocery store picking eggs, milk and bread, you are at the bank making a deposit. And all of these errands are done while still working 40 or 50 hours a week.

Worse still are those who are forced to run errands with their young kids. Boy, we feel sorry for that group of people. To make things easier for parents of young children, Suffolk Glass offers windshield replacement at your Long Island home. This makes your day go a heck of a lot smoother because it is one errand you can cross off your list because you don’t have to go anywhere to get it done.

Speaking of running errands with young children, we have compiled this list of the worst errands you can do while your kids tag along.

Oil Change

This wouldn’t be such a bad errand to run if your kids at least enjoyed the latest issues of Car & Driver or Men’s Health magazine and stale coffee. If the place where you take your car in for an oil change has a television, we are betting it is looping 30 minutes of NASCAR, which will keep a child’s attention about long enough for you pour a cup of that stale coffee.

The Pharmacy

Those prescriptions you called in hours ago still won’t be ready when you go to pick them up. Our guess is that you will have to wait about 20 minutes, that seems to be the standard amount of time set forth by pharmacists.

In the meantime, you can shop adult diapers, ginseng tablets, Dr. Scholl’s insoles and corn removal pads while your kids run amok in the toy aisle.  And that knock-off GI Joe figure you buy for your screaming son will keep him occupied for about 15 minutes or until it breaks, whichever comes first.


The DMV is quite literally the worst errand anyone has to run whether you have kids or not. But having to bring young kids to the DMV makes this task exponentially worse.

Clothes Shopping

Dressing your two-year-old is hard enough, but having them try on clothes at the store is even worse. You can confine the kids in the stroller, but you will need plenty of duct tape to keep them in there.

Once they have freed themselves from their stroller prison, the kids will hide in the women’s lingerie section crying because they fear they are lost.

The Dentist

The only saving grace of taking your children to the dentist is that if they do have a cavity, at least the laughing gas will keep them in a relatively chill mood for a little bit.

If only you could have the dentist come to your home for their appointment, life would be so much easier.

This is why we come to you for windshield replacement, to make your life a little easier. Contact Suffolk Glass today.